The Japanese first introduced sushi to the public in the United States thirty years ago. Consisting of raw fish, the American public did not accept sushi right away. The food culture in the United States commonly utilized baking, broiling, grilling, and frying fish but never was eaten raw. Sushi exploded with popularity as people started rejecting fast food as a viable source of nutrients, and was labeled a health food soon after. Once sushi was accepted by the American public, countless amounts of sushi chefs started to innovate and create new sushi recipes to complement the American taste buds. For example, avocado was never thought of as an ingredient for the making of sushi due to its texture, but chefs were able to put together the right ingredients to complement the fish and its texture rather than overpowering it. Another example is the use of seaweed in sushi. Chefs were able to reduce the scent of the seaweed being used. Also, in order to mask the dark pigment of seaweed, sushi chefs began using rice on the outside, thus creating a brand new category unique to America. This new category began using new techniques such as different sauces and ingredients that were never used in sushi before. This new category was labeled and popularized as fusion style! Fusion style sushi was able to gain popularity and make its mark in the American food culture.


King Kong Sushi, which opened its doors to the public in 2007, was born with the idea of taking South Carolina’s tradition and creating a new fusion style that will appeal and complement the tastes of the South Carolinian public. King Kong Sushi was able to receive acknowledgement by the media as the best sushi restaurant in South Carolina. In 2009, King Kong Sushi was able to open a second restaurant in South Carolina’s top tourist attraction, Myrtle Beach’s Broadway at the Beach. We continue to strive for new tastes and techniques for the public to enjoy. King Kong Sushi strives to be the best sushi and Asian bistro restaurant in Myrtle Beach, as well as South Carolina.


New Website!

New Website!

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